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Serving All of Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, Saddlebooke, Marana & Sahuarita

Frequently Asked Questions - Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.


1. What is your service area?

We cover all of Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, Marana & Sahuarita.

2. What if it rains?

You do not need to worry since we offer a 48 hour rain guarantee!! If it is raining the day of your scheduled window cleaning we can reschedule without a problem. If it rains within 48 hours of us cleaning your windows we will perform a touch up of your exterior windows for FREE!! This excludes July and August.

3. Can I just have the outside of my windows cleaned?

Absolutely!! We will give you an estimate for cleaning your windows on the inside and outside of your house. If you then wish to only have the outside done it is just 67% of the quote on your FREE estimate.

4. Is there a minimum charge to come out and clean my windows?

Yes, We have a $89.00 minimum charge. So, if your FREE estimate comes to $120.00 and you only want the outside done then it would be $89.00 not 67% as stated above.

5. How long is your FREE estimate good for?

Your FREE estimate is good for 30 days. However, as long as you are a repeat customer we do everything possible to keep our pricing in line with the estimate and stay industry competitive.

6. How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We recommend, at minimum, twice a year. Most of our residential clients have their windows cleaned 2-4 times a year. Our commerical clients usually have them done weekly and some just once per month.

7. Do you take credit cards?

Absolutely, we accept Mastercard, Visa, checks and of course good ole cash.

8. Can you bill me?

No, payment is due upon completion of services provided.

9. Will your cleaner hurt my plants?

No, we use an earth friendly biodegradable cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning windows.

10. I work long hours during the week. Can you clean my windows on the weekend?

We sure can. We work Monday - Saturday and the occasional Sunday if needed.


A CLEAR VIEW is what you deserve!!